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G-Guys, a YT video made by Aphmau scared me. Here's the vid.

MOMMY!!!! *Cries*
  • Listening to: Coldplay - Viva la Vida
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(Contains: violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
During the humanity-hating man's genocidal crusade, the sounds of vehicles is heard as helicopters flew.

The sounds of marching came fron the plaza where Jason killed the people there. He begins to head towards the plaza, only to be met by a wall of shields with guns poking out.

However, these are not ordinary guns - they are long-barreled rifles with halberd heads, spear heads, or both. Above are helicopter gunships ready to fire at Jason.

"You are all fools that I hated! I hated you all! I will die if you shoot me or your fucking helicopters will! This is my genocide crusade! MY FUCKING CRUSADE!" Yells Jason.

"We don't agree with your atrocities, Jason. We are the combined forces of the 7th Airborne Mobile Crusade, the 9th Airborne Mobile Crusade, the 27th Airborne Assault Crusade, the Knights Templar Crusade, and the Crusade sent by the Vatican! We are here to stop your mad crusade!" Archbishop Dimitri Aleksander Zolorov said via mics.

"Who cares if you stop me, you pedophile! I will kill you once I'm done with your men!" Jason yells as he charges. "Crusaders, open fire!" Zolorov ordered as the crusaders and its light, medium, and heavy gunship support open fire on Jason.

Barrage of rockets and hails of bullets wheezed as Jason open fires, ignoring the injuries he sustained. No matter how Jason tried to shoot them, they were always behind their shields.

He throws a grenade on top of the crusaders, who pulled back due to the man's insanity. "Stop him! Don't let him get you! Hold out much longer for our reinforcements to arrive!" A crusader yells as the crusaders pushed forward.

He pulls out a rocket launcher and fires at the crusaders, who grabbed the shields and evade but not before seven crusaders were injured from the blast. "Get the wounded out of here! We must hold the line!" Another crusader yells as they keep on trying to push him back.

"This man is too strong! Pull back! Pull back!" Zolorov ordered as the crusaders pull back with the helicopters providing CAS-EVAC. "Set up defensive positions! Square up! Close formation!" Another crusader yells as the troops set up a defensive close formation.

"HERE I FUCKING COME, CHRISTIAN PEDOPHILES!" Jason yells as he open fire, causing casualties among the crusaders as they begin to charge, pushing Jason back to the plaza, where another man was waiting.

"Borealis, finish him." Zolorov commanded as Borealis charged in with his guns blazing. Cues The Cavalry and Gunship Rescue. Due to Borealis' fast speed, Jason used his rocket launcher against the fast runner. When the dust clears, Borealis said, "Really? Really."






"Release Restraint, Level One." Borealis said. "Level what?" Jason asked. As in the Order seal restriction has been lifted to level one; Totally not Kaio-Ken, for obvious reasons. Borealis' body becomes a 100% dark shadow.

Luke loses a leg, thanks to the "dwarfed" Borealis' Flintlock, fired ala Concordia the Big Black Dragon. "Aaagh, aagh, fuck!" Jason yells as he gets away with his arms and a single leg. "You know, they say that TV makes you violent, but I say that not having my TV is making me pretty fucking violent!!"

Borealis shoots his Flintlock Pistol at Jason's OTHER leg, blowing the said, right leg clean off. "AAAAAOOOOUGH-!!! I'm near the stairs, gotta get to the stairs, if I could just get up the stairs, I..." Suddenly he sees just how long said stairs really are, much to his dismay. "Aaaaaw, fuck...! "

"Come on! You were talking all of that good shit a second ago, then I blew your fucking legs off!!" Borealis yells in insanity as Jason replied, "But, I... you... what the fuck?!"

"What's wrong demi-god? Just grow back your legs....." Borealis SMASHES the leg in his hand! ".....summon up your demons, hit me! FIGHT ME!!! GIVE ME A HUG."

"Really...?" Jason asked as Concordia the AFOREMENTIONED Big Black Dragon descends upon him as a certain soon-to-be bloody Jason cries: "OH GOD NO-!!!"

Cuts to the conference room phone, as the UN conference members and Ushanka listen to Jason being violently eaten alive. By the Big Black Dragon. Ushanka smiles wryly.

"We're here on Epic Meal Time!! I'm the sauce boss, and tonight, we're eating this black little wannabe suicidal bitch!" Borealis yells in the speaker phones.

"Who... is that, exactly?" The UN Secretary-General asked Ushanka. "Oh, that's Borealis, the one we talked about earlier. This is what happens when he has to entertain himself. Oh, so what was that issue with our funding and equipment?" Ushanka said.

"Issue?" The North Korean ambassador asked.

"What issue?" The Syrian ambassador asked.

"I don't see an issue." The UN Secretary-General answered.

"What kind of issue?" The Russian ambassador asked.

"I have an issue?" The US ambassador asked confusingly.

"Shut up and take our money and take back Borealis' equipment!!!" The German ambassador said.

"Ah, and just like that, everything turned out alright in the end." Borealis said.

"Yes, everything turned out just fine, except that many lives including several crusaders' lives were lost. We gave them a proper burial." Ushanka said.

Outside the UN Headquarters, many people, military personnel, and crusaders (including the ones who were shot by Jason earlier) were commemorating the dead. Meanwhile, Borealis Norsoutha and a FUCKHUEG group of Waffen-SS panzergrenadiers, volksgrenadiers, infantry, mounted infantry, cavalry, panzers, police, paratroopers, naval infantry, and conscripts and others protected the memorial site from the Westboro douchebags.

"I'm going for a walk." Borealis said as he open fires alongside his men at the Westboro Baptist Church fags, much to the UN bean-counters' and Ushanka's and Zolorov's annoyance and dismay. "We're here on Epic Meal Time!! I'm the sauce boss, and today, we're eating this Westboro Baptist Church wannabe anti-fag bitches!" Borealis yell in the mics.

"Borealis, it's time to go to Tengu City! Pack your things and head towards the Novaya Equestria!" Zolorov said as the United States Military Force (the current military force of the Stellae Mir organization, NOT the armed forces of the UN or the US armed forces for crying out loud!) packed their things alongside the crusaders and left.
How Hatred Would Have Ended
Destructive Studios, try not to get yourself into a problem.
  • Listening to: Coldplay - Viva la Vida
  • Watching: Coldplay - Viva la Vida
G-Guys, a YT video made by Aphmau scared me. Here's the vid.

MOMMY!!!! *Cries*


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Scarlet's Information:

1) Name: Scarlet Marine
2) 1st Name: Scarlet
3) Last Name: Marine
4) Nickname: Foxtrot Alpha (U.A.M.C.), Scarlet-Alpha Four (Scarlet Team)
5) Affiliation(s): Scarlet Team (U.A.)

Scarlet Team's Info,:
1) Model(s): COD4:MW and COD:MW2 Marine Force Recon in Russia
2) Type of Vehicles (Marines/Army) with in 1st Marines Brigades (Scarlet Team):
Land Vehicles:
A. M1 Abrams Tank
B. M1026 HMMWV or just Humvees
C. M2A2 Bradley
A. Zodiac
B. SEAL Delivery Vehicle
A. CH-46 Sea Knight
B. AH-64 Apache
C. UH-60 Black Hawk
D. MH-53 Pave Low

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